About Nina Zaragoza

All that I’ve done personally and professionally has prepared me to be a strong and passionate leader and mentor.  From the beginning of my career to the present I have worked in urban environments as an early childhood teacher, elementary school teacher, special education teacher, English teacher, professor of education and Director of Education for a non-profit organization focused on children.  My journey has taken me from Buffalo, to Miami, to Vladimir, Russia, to Brooklyn and the South Bronx and has allowed me the privilege to work with children, youth, teachers and community youth workers of varying ethnicities and backgrounds. Over these last six years I have relished my roles as a special education teacher in Brooklyn, an adjunct professor at local colleges, and my work as a consultant with children, teachers, community workers, and families in Brooklyn and the Bronx.    

As a single mother of three boys, a classroom teacher, university professor, and education consultant I live and breathe teaching and learning issues from both sides of the classroom door.  

Ph.D. August. 1990
Reading and Learning Disabilities
University of Miami: Coral Gables, Florida
Dissertation Title: ? prospective examination of the social characteristics of learning disabled children.
?.Ed. December. 1986
Elementary Education Nova University: Miami, Florida
?.S. June. 1979
Elementary Education
College New York at Buffalo: Buffalo, New York
Professional Experience
Education Consultant, Early Interventionist, Director Universal Pre-K (app. pending)
Adjunct Professor, NYACK College, New York, NY Early Childhood/Literacy
Director of Education, World Vision, New York
Adjunct Professor, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.Y. Literacy/Special Education
Special Education Teacher, P.S. 192, Brooklyn, N.Y.
English Language Teacher/Consultant, The American Home, Vladimir, Russia
Kindergarten Teacher, Little River Elementary School, Dade County Public Schools, Miami, Florida Sabbatical Year away from the University
Associate Professor, College of Education, Department of Special Education and Elementary Education, Florida International University, Miami, Florida
Assistant Professor, College of Education
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
Visiting Faculty, College of Education
University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida
Elementary School Teacher
Dade County Public Schools: Miami, Florida
Preschool Head Start Teacher
Holy Cross Head Start: Buffalo, New York
Primary teacher
Escuela Uno: Caracas, Venezuela.

Publications (Sample)
Zaragoza, N. (In Press).  We Write Our Own Stories: Children Write for Children.  New York, Peter Lang.
Zaragoza, N., & Dwyer, E. (2005). Look I Made A Book:  Writing in a Kindergarten Classroom.  New York, Peter Lang
Zaragoza, N. (2002). Rethinking Language arts: Passion and Practice  Second Edition, New  York, RoutledgeFalmer.
Zaragoza, N. (1997). Rethinking language arts: Passion and Practice. New York, NY: Garland Publishing

Chapters/Articles in Books and Proceedings (sample)

Zaragoza, N. (In Press).  Poverty of Mind, Poverty of Spirit:  Breaking the Shackles that Bind,  In NY:Peter Lang

Zaragoza, N. (2005).  Involving families in the teaching and learning process.  In Classroom teaching: An introduction. J. Kincheloe (Ed), NY: Peter Lang.
Zaragoza, N. & Scardina, ?. (1997). The critical transformation of ? special education classroom: ? first year teacher puts theory into practice. In On our own recognizance: Students and teachers creating knowledge. S. Steinberg & J. Kincheloe (Eds.), NY: Routledge.
Zaragoza, N. (1994). Teaching as human community. In Teaching as enhancing human effectiveness. ?. Dottin & L. Miller (Eds.), Lanham, MD: University Press of America.
Articles in Journals (sample)
Cruz, ?. & Zaragoza, N. (1998). Team teaching in teacher education: Intra-college partnerships. Teacher Education Quarterly.
Zaragoza, N. & Feria, D. (1997). Flashbacks and flashforwards: Past, present, and future visions of ? beginning teacher. Educational Transitions. 2(1).
Editorial Review (sample)
Manuscript review for Learning Disabilities Research and Practice 1998

Research (sample)

Zaragoza, N.  (1992-2000) Project FUSE (Field-based University School Education).  A professional school development model that delivered instruction to university education students within inner-city/bilingual classrooms.  

Collaborative work which involved elementary school children, classroom teachers, university professors and university students as they participated in literacy/language activities and connected theory to practice.

Consultant Work (sample)
Various workshops focused on early literacy, middle school literacy, discipline in school and home, homework help.

  • Helping Your Child Become a Better Reader
  • Reading Aloud: Asking Questions That Count
  • Toys and Activities that Promote Cognitive Development
  • Reading: Strategies and Questions That Last a Lifetime
  • Setting Positive and Realistic Boundaries: Raising Respectful and Responsible Children
  • Setting Positive and Realistic Boundaries: Helping to Develop Respectful and Responsible Students and Citizens

On-site modeling for schools (K-12) and community organizations in New York City, Russia, Florida, and Michigan

Membership in Professional Organizations
American Education Research Association
Council for Exceptional Children, Division for Learning Disabilities
 Council for Exceptional Children,
 Division of Early Childhood International Reading Association

Current Certification Special Education, Elementary Education, New York State